The Coniston Institute is an amazing village resource which has served the Village of Coniston since 1852.  It was established to promote lifelong learning and development for the people of Coniston. Our aim is to maintain and develop this facility as an anchor in civic life today. We offer a dynamic programme for education, inspiration and recreation for the whole community and visitors alike.



Exhibition Open  10am-4:30pm (closed Mondays & Tuesdays)

A contemporary and historical exhibition that includes pre-industrial revolution landscapes, making workshops and an antiques shop. The installation has been designed by artist DJ Simpson and accommodates an indoor bowls alley, maintaining village use of the hall throughout the show.

‘It’s All about the Landscape’

manifestation is accompanied by a special programme of events, workshops, talks and screenings.


For your diary

Sunday 23 November


Talk & Tea,  £4


“Nature, Outdoor Adventure and Buy One Get One Free”.

Geoff Cooper educator and adventurer will be talking about the tensions between the growing use of the outdoors, the benefits of outdoor activities but also their impact on environment and communities. He will discuss the growing commercialisation of the outdoors and the decline of real adventure.

 Wed 26 November

Film Screening TBC. £3

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

Based on the 1889 novel by Mark Twain, the film is about a mechanic in 1912 who bumps his head and finds himself in Arthurian Britain in AD 528




 Monday Village


Fortnightly during winter.

11 & 24 November

8 Dec